About Dr. Hor Shirdel


Dr. Shirdel was born in 1958 in Iran. He received his Physician’s Diploma upon graduating from Kyiv Medical Institute in 1991 and then completed his specialization in clinical residency at Russian Scientific Research Institute of Neurosurgery in St. Petersburg, where in 1994 he was awarded the Masters qualification in Surgery.

Following this, Dr. Shirdel performed medical practice in Iran using all of the best theoretical and practical achievements of modern world-wide medicine. Since 1996, Dr. Shirdel has been living and providing medical practice in Ukraine. He is the author of the pathocomplex theory and more than 18 scientific works in the field of medicine.

Since 2000, Dr. Shirdel is working as the director of Dr. Shirdel’s Clinic.

A single hoarse voice is heard in the vacuum,

As if the groan of those who cry for help,

The spoken words are incorrect,

And they are merely a reflection of the present.

These words are woven out of pain,

Of those who have been through a deep despair,

These words will not be able to break free,

After believing in the promise once.

Once, everything has crashed in instant,

And a terrible sentence became known,

A final cry escaped against the groan,

That cry is echoing till now.               

An unexpected war has broken out,

Not everyone’s war, and yet the war of each of us.

At one time we have not completed it,

But this is it, the game is over now.

We were afraid, but did not know exactly whom we dreaded,

The face and silhouette of the enemy

Before the eyes of whom we stood for many years

Are concealed.

We have no strength or courage for the fight,

Our heart alone is waiting for salvation.

Whilst the enemy takes away all that is dearest in our lives

And never would retreat.

And he alone has risen (to rebel the enemy) for us, for everyone,

So that we could believe with you again.

He is not a magician, but just a man.

The first to begin COMBATING DEATH.


Valentina Voskovich

[Translation from Russian]