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At one time, moral values, commitment to justice, truth and honesty resembled the honor and dignity of the journalist’s career. At one time, the world did cherish every scientific achievement of mankind on Earth. Unfortunately, that era has passed by quickly and now is gone for a while. The world has become relatively technical and our life is now much more comfortable. The wave of destruction and misery that has permeated through the majority of people on Earth now threads as a fat line amongst clearly differentiated groups of people. On the one hand, there are desperate outcasts of the society. On the other hand, there are others for whom issues of those on the other hand are foreign – people living "carefree" and "happy" lives.

Dear Journalist!

We invite you to participate in the mission of reviving humanity’s scientific and moral values in order to save the lives of millions.

Every day, nearly 20 thousand people die from AIDS. Every hour, 12 individuals die from cancer and 15 more fall ill. 2 billion out of the 6 billion world population suffer from some kind of cardiovascular disease. 350 million people suffer from rheumatic pathologies. Nearly 117 million people are ill with thalassemia in the world.

Scientific methods for complete elimination of all of the aforementioned pathologies exist. Unfortunately, a "mentality" that dictates the stereotype that all "scientific" discoveries should come from "Washington" or "London" blocks the promotion of these methods. On the other hand, swindlers and speculators of science, including medicine, exacerbate climate of mistrust for truly scientific discoveries solely out of selfish motivations. That leaves situation leaves us two approaches: either to remain silent and thus facilitate further death of innocent people or to participate in the global mission of saving millions of lives upon hearing the call of conscience.

Given the peculiarity of our time, you may want to consider this proposal from various standpoints: humane, scientific and financial. We are ready to cooperate on any terms.


Yours faithfully,





December 1st – World AIDS Day!

It is important to understand that AIDS is not just statistics. It’s not just figures. It is destinies of living people…


Dear Journalists!

The problem of AIDS has long been solved and from a medical standpoint, it is completely exhausted! We are ready to defend this claim to any competent scientific review board! The financial ambition of pharmaceutical mafia at global scale, corrupt mass media – these are the main reasons that make such statements seem yet a fantasy.

Dr. Shirdel’s view on the problem of AIDS differs from other standpoints in that in his opinion, human Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is not a disease of viral origin. He believes that immune deficiency is the result of biological, evolutional and adaptive changes that have been occurring in the human body since the second half of the 18th century. The appearance of the weakest virus on Earth in the blood of the people living in the late 20thcentury occurs against the background of an existing pathocomplex-induced immunodeficiency in human organism.

Based on the theory of the pathocomplex process, AIDS, as a state of immunodeficiency, can be completely eliminated.

The method of AIDS elimination, based on the theory of the pathocomplex process, was also applied in practice.

In addition, we would like to emphasize:

1. Our method of treatment has nothing to do with alternative medicine in any of its forms. It is performed strictly within the modern medicamentous medicine, but it takes a significantly different approach.

2. Doctor Shirdel has never denied and does not challenge the existence of human immunodeficiency. The "no AIDS" tagline has been coined by the authors of the popular theory of AIDS for easy isolation of their opponents.

We have already participated in many broadcasts on the best-known TV channels all over the world in many different languages. We are ready to participate in the scientific topics and broadcasts that you offer.

For additional information:

You are welcome to read Dr. Shirdel’s book called AIDS. The First World Swindle.:

Reduced version of this book is presented in article AIDS is curable.


Sincerely, Dr. Shirdel’s Clinic administration






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