Human Biological Age Reduction


Adam and Eve in Paradise (artist Piter Paul Rubens)
Adam and Eve in Paradise (artist Piter Paul Rubens)

The first human to live on the surface of the Earth in between 15 to 20 thousand years ago was Adam. Together with his wife Eve, who was also created from his genotype, Adam lived on Earth to 930 years and Eve lived to 931 years. According to sciences, as well as historical and religious sources, Adam and Eve had 33 sons and 30 daughters, who lived on Earth from 912 to 3,000 years. Only three of their sons are mentioned in the Bible: Cain, Abel, and Seth. Cain’s descendants are left out because he killed his brother Abel and was banished to the lands of Nod. Yet, we can examine the growth of the family tree from Seth who lived for 912 years himself. His family tree lists only the names of the eldest sons in each successive generation: Enosh (905 years), Kenan (910 years), Mahalalel (895 years), Jared (962 years), Enoch (365 years), Methuselah (969 years), Lamech (777 years), Noah (950 years), Sim (602 years), Arphaxad (438 years), Sala (430 years), Eber (464 years), Peleg (239 years), Reu (239 years), Serug (230 years), Nahor (148 years), Farrah (205 years), Abraham (175 years).

According to the written and oral materials that have been passed on by various nations of the world and survived to our time, many political and religious leaders of ancient times lived quite long lives. For instance, it is believed that Joseph of Canaan, the youngest of Jacob’s 12 sons, died in his youth. He lived up to only 120 years. Moses lived up to 120 years and mysteriously disappeared by the will of gods despite the fact that he spent most of his life in the deserts. Samuel lived 137 years. Jacob found his son Joseph in Egypt at the age of 130 years and at Pharaoh’s invitation spent addition 17 years with him in Egypt, dying at the age of 147. The Persian kings Manoochehr and Keygobat ruled for 120 years, Keykaus for 150 years, and given the fact that they came to power in their youth, it seems fair to suppose that their age might easily reach 180 to 200 years. Abraham lived for nearly 200 years. Benyaz, one of the Kaldani kings, Salman Parsi as well as numerous Egyptian pharaohs lived for about 400 years. Hooshang, the son of Kiyumars; Mary, the Mother of Jesus; and Freydon, all lived for 500 years. Firuz, one of the kings of India, lived for 537 years; Ham, son of Noah, lived for 560 years. Rostam, son of Zal and the hero of poet Ferdosi and pharaoh from the days of Moses, all lived for 600 years. Garshasb, one of the kings of the Persian Empire, lived for 705 years; Soleiman – for 712 years, Jamshid – for 716 years, and Tamures – for 800 years. Edim, one of the kings of Egypt lived to the age of 926 and the Indian king Sarbang lived to the age of 935. Edriz lived for 962 years; Anush lived for 965 years; Biorasef lived for 1000 years; Zagak lived for 1200 years; Meergan lived for 1500 years; and Bohtonaz lived for 1507 years. Enag, one of Adam’s daughters, lived to be 3000 years old and Logman lived for 4000 years. Also, records of the Sumerians on clay tablets report that each of the first 10 Sumerian kings lived for 4000 years. According to one version, Keyumars, the first king from the Dynasty of Pishdad, stayed in Paradise for 3000 years and then descended to the ground where he lived for another 3000 years until the evil came in the likeness of Ahriman whose son Hazura killed him. One of the most long-lived people on Earth who became a legendary figure in many historical and literary works throughout the world is the son of Adam by the name of Hyzr, who according to various sources has lived on Earth for approximately 9,500 years and practically materialized the concept of "eternal life".

Many famous and globally recognized scientists, including Pavlov, Sechenov, Knofland, Floger, and others, believed that humans can live for 200 to 1000 years. They came to this belief after studying the lives of numerous famous people, including historical figures, who have actually lived on this Earth for quite long. Unfortunately, none of these scientists succeeded in scientifically explaining the mechanism of longevity or the reason of people’s aging. In addition, and most importantly, they failed to offer real ways and techniques of increasing life expectancy and reducing people’s biological age.

For the first time in the history of people and medicine, the theory of the pathocomplex process can now explain the basis of the aging process and offer practical and executable solutions for fixating and reducing your biological age.

In terms of biology, both 15 thousand years ago and today, one year of human life can be equated to the number of blocked blood vessels that were excluded from the circulatory system over the course of a year. Left without nourishment, the tissues supplied by these vessels die out. If we assume that people live a maximum of 100 years today and that the human body has 800 million functioning vessels at the time of puberty, 10 million of them are becoming clogged up annually. At individual’s natural death, the last vessels of his body, largely consisting of coronary and cerebral arteries clog up and the remaining areas with living tissue become simply excluded from the circulatory system. This is the mysterious process of human aging that ends up with the moment of natural death. If 15 thousand years ago, when neither infectious pathologies, nor the pathocomplex process and the wide range of antigenic factors have existed, only a small fraction of the total number of blood vessels got clogged up and excluded from the circulatory system over the course of entire centuries, in the late 20th century and the early 21st century, the human body is subjected to complete occlusion of all of its functioning blood vessels by the age of 80 to 90 that completely stops and ends the blood circulation in the vessels that is essentially, the basis of life.

If we agree that optimal blood circulation to the tissues is life, reduction of blood supply is aging and its complete cessation is death, then it is logical to assume that provision of a continuous blood circulation throughout the body is eternal life. Since pathocomplexes are primarily responsible for modern man’s vascular occlusion, elimination of the pathocomplex process prevents further vascular thrombosis in the first place and provides for constant maintenance and continuance of steady blood circulation in the remaining system of blood circulation. Suppression of the pathocomplex process in the body and thus, termination of vascular occlusion, also inhibits the process of aging. By ensuring continually optimal blood circulation to all tissues of the organism, we can grant you eternal life. With the dissolution of the pathocomplexes that recently occluded the blood vessels of your body, the blood circulation in these vessels can be restored, thus providing for the opportunity to reduce your biological age by a certain time span.

During our 22 years old research and studies in various fields of medicine, we have reached valuable theoretical achievements that not only explain the causes of aging, but also offer real solutions for fixating and reducing the biological age of human beings. Over the course of the last 12 years, we have proved and demonstrated with our treatment of thousands of patients that biological age reduction and fixation of the aging process at a certain point in life is absolutely real and feasible. After completing our biological age reduction treatment courses, thousands of people not only recovered from numerous diseases that originated from the circulatory disturbances of various organs, but with the elimination of their pathocomplex process and rejuvenescence of their cardiovascular system, attained a biological age equal to 1o to 15 years younger and consequently, reached physiological abilities corresponding to that age.