The problem of AIDS, oncopathology, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia and systemic pathologies is completely solved from a medical point of view! We can defend this statement before any competent scientific examination! Inertia of the state system, greed and personal ambitions – these are the main reasons why such statements yet seem a fantasy to others.

About Dr. Shirdel's Clinic

Dr. Shirdel’s Clinic was opened in 2000 on the basis of qualitatively new researches in various medical fields. In our clinic, we strive to completely eliminate hypertensionischemic heart diseasearrhythmiaconsequences of diabetes, as a systemic pathology. We have new scientific developments in oncopathology and AIDS.

We work strictly within the scope of modern medicine. However, our treatments differ from those of the current medicine in that they are directed at eliminating the underlying causes of the disease instead of merely treating its symptoms.

Treatment courses aimed at decreasing biological age and preventing heart attack and strokes are also offered at Dr. Shirdel’s Clinic.

Treatment principles in Dr. Shirdel's Clinic:

- Treatment of the disease rather than its consequences

- An integrated approach treating the body as a comprehensive whole



 For the first time in the history of medicine

On the basis of the pathocomplex process theory, we have got possibility to  apply qualitatively new methods in the medicine allowing to implement:

Complete elimination of hypertensioncoronary heart disease and arrhythmia.

Treatment courses on preventive maintenance of strokes and heart attacks.

Complete elimination of diabetes consequences.

Complete elimination of all systemic diseases.

The systemic diseases that are currently considered to be induced by pathocomplex process are: rheumatismsystemic sclerodermasystemic lupus erythematosusdermatomyositisperiarteritis nodosaglomerulonephritis, systemic vasculitis, arachnoiditis, endocarditis, Raynaud’s disease,  autoimmune thyroiditisautoimmune hemolytic anemiaidiopathic thrombocytopenic purpurachoreamultiple sclerosisparkinsonismAlzheimer’s diseasemultiple myeloma, and even chronic lymphocytic leukemia and lymphogranulomatosis (Hodgkin’s disease) along with others.

Ttreatment courses for reducing biological age.


On the basis of new researches there are also absolutely new methods of effective treatment of oncopathologiesAIDS and thalassemia until their complete elimination.


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