Since 1984, more than 60 million innocent people have perished owing to the well­organized AIDS swindle. Hundreds of thousands, unfairly forced to bear the heavy burden of the "AIDS" stigma, young girls and boys committed suicide because they could not withstand the burden of social injustice and discrimination, suffering from   remorse for their loving family and unjustified guilt. Hundreds of thousands of children were abandoned by their mothers, and millions were never born. This is the price of human selfishness mixed with greed.

Sooner or later, our method will find its place in human society and the medical science, like many others. We pity those who were innocently and undeservedly compelled to bear and continue to bear the AIDS stigma, invented by two swindlers, on the tortuous path often leading to voluntary death. 


You can find more detailed information in Dr. Shirdel's book

AIDS. The First World Swindle. Two swindlers who shook the World!



The first World swindle.

Two swindlers who shook the World! 


The AIDS problem presented in this material is approached from a completely new perspective, entirely unknown to current medicine. All presented material is the result of private research and cannot be accessed by any expert from any other source. Therefore, a specialist can express his opinion exclusively after acquaintance with the given material and strictly based on the given information. Any opinion rejecting this material, referring to any other source, is a display of malevolent intentions fueled only by pride, envy and arrogance, the result of which is the continuing massive death of the ill.


Origin of Human's Immunodeficiency

The main cells supporting humoral defense mechanisms are leukocytes. Of all leukocytes present in the body of a modern person, B-­lymphocytes and their mature versions – dendrocytes – carry out a leading role in the implementation of humoral immunity through intricate mechanisms involving the formation and dissociation of the immune complexes. These cells with large nucleus can support rapid and intensive proliferation.

The protein molecules, once synthesized by B­-lymphocytes, are mostly fixed on the surface of the same B-­lymphocytes, and a small fraction is released into the bloodstream. They are known as antibodies and designated as immunoglobulins (Ig). As such, IgG, IgE, IgA, IgD and IgM are fixed on the superficial membrane of B­-lymphocytes. 

The mechanism of humoral immunity is carried out as follows: when an antigen which can be a component of various viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, or simply an allogenic substance enters the body, B­-lymphocytes surround it from all directions and bind to it through interaction with their surface antibodies. The agglomerate of B-­lymphocytes bound to destroy the antigen forms an immune complex. After a series of consecutive mechanisms, the antigen breaks down and its constituents are removed from the body.

Following antigen destruction, the immune complex is immediately disassembled, and the released B-­lymphocytes continue to perform their protective function. While circulating in the bloodstream, B-­lymphocytes repeat these actions each time an antigen is encountered. The greater the number of antigens penetrating into the body, the more intensive is the load on the immune system and particularly on the circulating B­-lymphocytes. Dissolution of the immune complexes is carried out by substances continuously synthesized and secreted into the bloodstream. If the synthesis of these substances is reduced or terminated, the disassembly process is partially or completely interrupted. The B­-lymphocytes that are unable to escape are completely neutralized and cannot perform further protective functions. The physiological process of humoral protection, which depends on the assembly and disassembly of these immune complexes, is impaired. While complex formation takes place as usual, the mandatory final process of their disassembly is prevented due to the absence of necessary factors. Consequently, the physiological immune complexes become pathological. The associated B-lymphocytes are maintained in a neutralized condition trapped within the network of each pathological immune complex, thus paralyzing the functions of the immune system. Depending on the intensity of pathocomplex formation, either a partial immunodeficiency such as in the case of systemic pathologies (rheumatism, systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic scleroderma), or a complete immunodeficiency as in the case of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). 

Beginning from the second half of the 18th century, once mankind takes a sharp turn towards urbanization and alienation from nature radical biological, adaptable and evolutionary changes emerge in the human body. Among them, the synthesis of the substances required for the disbandment of immune complexes in the last stage of humoral defenses, begins to decrease. Consequently, a rising fraction of the immune complexes starts to lose their ability to be disassociated and a growing number of B-lymphocytes are trapped in them. A fraction of immune complexes fails to disassociate and becomes pathological. Once trapped in the pathocomplex networks, B-lymphocytes lose the ability to perform their basic protective function. They lose their functionality and become completely neutralized. Over the years, as the proportion of neutralized B-lymphocytes increases, immunodeficiency emerges and progresses. On the other hand, the pathological immune complexes circulating in the bloodstream can associate with other blood cells and proteins to form giant aggregates (in terms of biology), which cause occlusion of the blood vessels and subsequent thrombotic infarction resulting in necrosis of surrounding tissues.

During their emergence, pathological immune complexes introduced new nosological forms, entirely unknown to mankind till that time. In other words, a whole group of human pathologies, grouped under the name of "pathocomplex process", arose as a result of humanity’s sharp turn towards urbanization and the emergence of biological, adaptable and evolutionary changes. 

The growing incidence of pathocomplex process, reaching its peak by the 1980s, results in a complete immune deficiency. Suddenly, a new condition for the human body appears and takes our humanity by surprise much like the onset of cardiovascular pathologies in the 1930s. 

More than 200 years have passed since the second half of the 18th century, when the human body first began its evolutionary reorganization till the 1980s. As a result of this long period, our humanity has reached a state of complete immune deficiency. Now, that the human body was virtually deprived of its immunity, it was vulnerable to the invasion of all kinds of pathogenic agents, from the weakest viruses, fungi and parasites to the most virulent bacteria, subsequently leading to virusemia, bacteriemia and sepsis.

This marks the beginning of a new era – an era of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Essentially, the peak evolution point of the pathocomplex process is primarily responsible for the manifestations of AIDS. 

At this moment, against the vagueness and fogginess of the mounting crisis, a motivated "scientist" named Robert Gallo suddenly appears at the nick of time and, without any effort, finds traces of a mysterious virus in the blood serum of a person suffering from a complete immune deficiency. Not reflecting on the consequences, Robert Gallo introduces confusion into the whole sequence of events by presenting this mysterious virus as the etiological factor of human immunodeficiency. 

The detection of antibodies specific to the virus in these particular circumstances is not necessarily an argument and evidence of the virus’ participation in the development process of complete immune deficiency. The presence of antibodies against any pathogenic agent, in the blood serum of a subject affected by the pathocomplex process at the peak of its evolution, is only an indicator and a consequence of pre­existing immunodeficiency. With his deed, Robert Gallo intentionally committed a forgery that initiated a chain of events that would shake humanity from the late 20th to the early 21th centuries.

In the case of human immunodeficiency, it doesn’t matter whether Robert Gallo truly found the antigens of a real virus, actually identified them and created the test system by immunization of laboratory animals with these antigens or followed the principle of the blood serum protein hydrolysis. It is only a question of a human conscience, his in particular, if it exists at all. Human immune deficiency existed and still exists. The real dispute is around its origin.

Simultaneously with Robert Gallo, the French Luc Montagnier, a friend who closely collaborated with him, claimed he detected viral traces that could be the etiological factors of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). With the aid of prostituting mass media, the whole world immersed into the vacuum of medical science readily accepted and implanted this statement.

It is in this atmosphere within the medical science vacuum that a competition for a Nobel Prize flared up between the French Luc Montagnier and his like­minded friend Robert Gallo – an American of Italian origin with whom he fondly communicated about his achievements. The feud between them reached its peak even before this new disease was identified as a separate nosological unit or the virus causing this disease described, even before the existence of the virus and even without enough statistical data to demonstrate the potential for an epidemic. Motivated solely by the thrill of winning a Nobel Prize, driven by personal ambition, these two "scientists" went so far that proving the etiological role of the isolated virus in human immunodeficiency was no longer important for them. To receive the Nobel Prize by all means necessary became their only purpose.

In May 1984, before the scientific evidence from the conducted "research" on detection of the factors causing the human immunodeficiency was ever received, using the data received from his friend Luc Montagnier, Robert Gallo hastily published his article in the Science   magazine, where the so­called virus was presented as the main etiological factor of AIDS. Despite the fact that no virus has been discovered yet, the whole world immersed in the information vacuum accepted this statement on a wide scale as the greatest discovery and sensation of the 20th century.

The biggest deceit of mankind instantly spread throughout the entire world as a scientific discovery. A new theory and a new disease under the name of AIDS emerged and yet another virus, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was invented as its etiological factor. Due to the element of surprise and the vacuum in medical world at that time, nobody could express an objective opinion. Statements about the detection of the new disease and the occurrence of a new theory explaining its etiology were based on the analysis of only 72 patients and in only 26 of them the antibodies against some fragments of a mysterious and to this day unidentified virus were discovered.

The competition for the Nobel Prize between the so­called American and French scientists continued. In deep sleep, the naive World, did not even suspect what was cooking for breakfast.

If Robert Gallo was destined to be awarded the Nobel Prize for his dishonesty and dishonorableness under action conditions, it would have been far better if he was offered it before he ever invented "HIV" back for his discovery of the so­called blood cancer virus so that, once satisfied, he would finally attain his well­deserved rest and leave the medical world without his future "creative" plans and ambitions. In any case, some other swindler would be awarded the Nobel Prize by the auction hammer in the future.

Angry and dissatisfied this time, Mr.Gallo quickly registered and patented everything that was yet unproved and most importantly, that was dishonestly accrued from Montagnier under his name.

The case reached the court when Luc Montagnier, the French doctor and Mr.Gallo’s friend, accused him of theft and appropriation of the exchanged information and registration of another’s achievements under his name. The US President Ronald Reagan urgently intervened into this flared up international scandal and negotiated with the French prime­minister Jacque Chirac about a mutually a dvantageous compromise for the settlement of dispute that created the uproar in the medical "scientific" world, quite distant to both politicians. On March 1987, during a ceremony held at the White House, they finally concluded a memorandum providing that all rights to sell the test systems for the ostensibly AIDS virus would belong to the US Ministry of Health and the France Pasteur Institute. The income from the sales of these test systems was to be proportionally divided between these establishments. The test systems for detection of the so­called HIV that according to their forecasts would spread across the globe like a lightning were to be sold under the exclusive patent of the Ministry of Health of America and the France Pasteur Institute.

Considering that the number of "HIV-­infected" people is constantly growing and officially reaching about 60 million and that twice more test systems would be necessary to detect them all, the sales of these reagents were predicted to generate astronomical revenue for the aforementioned establishments. Now, they understood that, as long as the theory of viral origin of AIDS remains afloat and funded, this quite promising business is capable of enlarging the budget of any country. To strengthen their positions, this theory needed to be associated with some public taboo, for example homosexuality. Very few people would dare to raise this theme without being labeled homosexual then. This is why the science of social psychology is needed and Pavlov came in handy even here.

This is precisely why these institutions are motivated to detect more people positive for "HIV". As long as nobody will dare to protest to such inhuman trade around this theory because of the artificial social problem and artificial taboo created around AIDS, their "business" will continue to prosper and they will continue to plunder our world with quiet souls.


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is curable 


Hence, AIDS is not a viral infection. The birth of the popular theory stipulating a viral cause to AIDS is the result of skillful and artful binding of social homosexuality taboo with a human immunodeficiency of unknown origin, at the time – undoubtedly for the purpose of financial gain.

The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the peak point of the pathocomplex process development, which in turn appeared as the result of biological, evolutionary and adaptable changes of the human body that gradually developed over the last two centuries, owing to the sharp changes in environment conditions and social lifestyle.

The so­called immunodeficiency virus tends to invade an individual already suffering from an immune deficiency as a result of the pathocomplex process. The detection of antibodies against this virus only serves a diagnostic purpose, as an indicator of the presence of pathocomplex immunodeficiency. Therefore, AIDS treatments should be mainly focused on the elimination of the pathocomplex process. Any medication against the so­called virus of AIDS would only fight off the consequences, and not the cause of the disease. To eradicate the virus, without treating the cause of the disease, would allow recurrent infections by the same virus.

The control of opportunistic infections taking place in the presence of immunodeficiency must be accompanied by a treatment addressing immune deficiency, i.e. to inhibit the pathocomplex process. Otherwise, as soon as the treatment with antiviral drugs and antibiotics is terminated, the immune system will fail to prevent future infections by the virus. These infections will relapse, but this time these viruses will exhibit tolerance for the drugs, complicating the condition of the patient to a deadlock.

AIDS, and many other human diseases currently considered incurable, are completely treatable. AIDS is no longer the problem that should concern our society and medical science. From this point on, all the mistakes that were made regarding AIDS are consequences of the ignorance of the historical path that led human biology to the peak point of the pathocomplex process. The molecular structure of the substances required to complete the last stage of humoral immunity have been discovered by us, and the application of these substances   as key components in our integrated treatment of AIDS patients completely cures this disease as immunodeficiency syndrome. The synthesis of these vital substances eventually restores following the course of AIDS treatment. Subsequently, a high­level immunity is independently facilitated by the organism’s potential over the course of entire lifetime. Eliminating the pathocomplex process makes the foundation of numerous human pathologies that are currently considered incurable disappear at one stroke as it once happened in medicine with the application of antibiotics.

To prove the effectiveness of our method, at the insistence of similar medical "luminaries", we carried out clinical trials on individuals infected with AIDS. The results of these treatments are shown below. Today, it is clear to us that nobody really needed our achievements. They were intentionally requested to delay and divert attention away from this simple solution. At the time, we naively thought that the results of our treatment would truly save millions of lives from the "plague of the 20th century", and that the problem of AIDS would be gone forever.

We would like to draw your attention to a letter of an AIDS patient who recovered by the method based on the pathocomplex process theory back in 1996. 

My name is Sergey. I am registered with the Center for AIDS Control and Prevention under the supervision of the President of Ukraine under the number 34495. I will tell you a little about   myself: in the summer of 1994, I began to use drugs intravenously. Over the course of the following 2.5 years, I injected narcotics approximately 1–2 times a week. In the autumn of 1996, I decided to quit doing drugs because I’ve heard a rumor about the rapid spread of HIV infection among drug addicts. On October 6th 1996, I passed the HIV blood test at a local blood transfusion station, and it gave a positive result. Later, this result was confirmed by three test systems at the Institute of Epidemiology. I was directed to the Center for Control and Prevention of AIDS to establish a definitive diagnosis. In the center, I met Dr.Shirdel who offered me his own method of treating AIDS.

Dr.Shirdel offered me his course of treatment and left me his phone number. I voluntarily agreed to try his treatment. Dr.Shirdel purchased all the required medicines with his personal money.

Prior to the course of treatment, I had the following problems:

1. Chronic bronchitis. I was sick every three weeks. The bronchitis would immediately appear as soon as I smoke a few cigarettes in a row or sweated in the cold. In the mornings, I coughed up brown­green colored phlegm. It was usually rattling in my bronchial tubes. I suffered from dyspnea.

2. Chronic cold. I could not breathe through my nose. At night, I heard noise in my head.

3. Once I quit drugs, I felt acute weakness in my whole body; I   became easily tired and could not withstand even small physical stress; it pulled in my legs, and all over the body; my bones and joints ached sorely. After drinking alcohol, it took a long time to sober up.

4. My liver prickled and ached. Also, I felt aches under my right shoulder blade. I had fat accumulating on my forehead. Sometimes, my urine would darken and excrements would become colorless. During these moments, I felt very sick and I would lay bedridden for hours. I felt exhausted after taking a meal.

5. I had festering pimples on my forehead, breasts, and on my back, which exuded and did not heal for a long time. The cuts and wounds on my body festered and turned into streptoderma.

Analysis of the first AIDS patient before and after treatment
Analysis of the first AIDS patient before and after treatment

6. A sharp body odor, bad breath, bleeding gums.

7. Pale skin color, yellowness in eyes, light blood color – I noticed this at the time of taking blood test, my blood sample differed from the others. This indicated a low level of hemoglobin.

8. Depression, pessimism, emotional discomfort, unwillingness to participate in social and family activities.

On top of everything mentioned above, I was infected by Hepatitis C considerably worsening my severe condition.

Rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, my face and feet flushing, and light kidney aching were observed at the time of the first injection. These symptoms no longer appeared with subsequent injections. Within 7 days, my body temperature stayed at the level of 37.1–37.4°С. I felt a light fever, my skin had reddened and I gained appetite. After the first injection, I slept quietly. The cold was gone on the second day; bronchitis and phlegm were gone on the fifth day, also, pimples ceased to fester at once. I no longer felt tired after food intake and I was able to withstand physical stress. After the 7th day of treatment, my temperature dropped back to normal and I felt an unprecedented ease in my body, as though I was born again. I no longer felt weakness, weariness, aching in my body, twisting of my joints, and prickles in my liver; I could stand on my feet all day long and not get tired. My skin color changed and the fat no longer shined on my forehead. Most importantly, my mood and my moral state completely changed. I started to have faith for the future. I became calmer, balanced, judicious, and more optimistic; I started to do sports, read books and to take part in my family life. These changes continue to this moment – the moment of writing this letter.


Interview after 15 years:

When I was informed about my diagnosis, I was immediately told that I will live a maximum of 7 to 10 years. Nonetheless, I have been living as "HIV-infected" for 15 years now, and I don’t suffer from any of the health problems that were predicted before. I feel great. I am living a normal and active life and I am practically not sick with anything. Nothing affects me, whereas many "HIV-infected" people I knew died a long time ago. The social attitude towards "HIV-infected" people imposed by the widespread theory of AIDS is unfair, discriminatory and inhuman. Based on my own experience gained from communicating with other infected individuals, I think that the current tendency in the world is that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is not a viral disease and is most likely explained by the presence of a pathocomplex process in the human body, in accordance with Dr.Shirdel’s theory.


The second patient, being a deputy of parliament, has refused to be interviewed, but the considerable improvement in his condition can be presented by his test results.

Analysis of the second AIDS patient before and after treatment
Analysis of the second AIDS patient before and after treatment

The test results of these patients confirm the effectiveness of our proposed method of treatment in practice.

Now, the time has come to abandon stereotypes, rooted mentalities, and to stop serving the "images" of low self­esteem, self­disrespect and feeling of unworthiness so you would not become a subject of manipulations by swindlers, impudent fellows and speculators.

Now, the only thing left to do is to throw this unreasonable and empty, and yet, "standard" theory of viral origin of AIDS into the historical dump, and to begin treating patients with a method based on the pathocomplex process theory. Only then will the basis – the disease itself, along with the fabled theory of the "great scientist", will be completely wiped out from human society and from the face of the Earth.

From a medical standpoint, the problem of AIDS is completely closed. We are ready to defend this statement with any competent scientific review. Inertia of the state system, greed and personal ambitions – these are the main reasons why such statements may seem yet a fantasy. 

One day, the 26 years long black page of human history will end. Then, the riddle of the first world swindle will be exposed. Who will then answer before the humanity’s court for all the crimes that have been committed so far? What will Mr.Gallo say in defense before his sister and his conscience, if he has one at all? 

Everything will fall into place someday. Mankind will have to give a praise­worthy rebuff to those who have littered science with fraudulently "earned" glory and wealth at the ex­pense of millions of lives, and kept medical science centuries behind through distracting paths.  A rebuff to such swindlers should be a lesson to all other crooks who conceive new ideas to earn profit in similar ways, while paving the way for future true scientists suffering from the disease of "scientific modesty".


The second world swindle.


In the spring of 2009, the mass media spread a worldwide wave of disinformation attacks about the ostensibly forthco  ming "pan­demic" of the so­-called swine flu caused by the H1N1 virus. Among other well­-known organizations participating in this campaign was the World Health Organization (WHO), which was represented by its director general, Dr.Margaret Chan. In fact, in the spring of 2009, only 600 cases were reported worldwide during the moment of decla­ration of the so-­called swine flu pandemic that began in Mexico. Nonetheless, even such insignificant number of cases did not stop the director of the WHO to raise this "pandemic" flag to the highest   alert level: level six. In comparison, note the statistics of seasonal in­fluenza reported by the same organization. According to WHO, approximately 500 million individuals become sick from the influenza vi­rus annually, resulting in 250 thousands deaths. And yet, despite the scale of the given disease, the leaders of the WHO did not appropri­ate the seasonal flu even the status of an epidemic.

It was not difficult to de­termine the true purpose of such massive and groundless disinformation campaign after study­ing the history of AIDS and the first unsuccessful attempt to slip into the field of science the "swine flu" myth back in 1976. Here, the main mission was to prepare the public to accept a large­-scale sale of the questionable "vaccine" against the "swine flu" phantom in the period between spring 2009 and winter 2010. Its main supplier became the same notorious GlaxoSmithKline pharmocological company or former Wellcome.

Our assumptions were completely validated and the whole world learned about the swindle, but unfortunately long after the second world swindle had considerably enriched the next swindlers.

If the funds collected during the AIDS swindle, in the 1980s, were used to finance the creation and application of the stealth fighters, the financial plans behind the new well organized swindle of the swine flu are yet unknown. Perhaps this time, we are tal  king about the design and exploitation of the unmanned orbital planes, which may also lead to events that may reshape the world.


HIV-infected" of the world, unite!   


An analysis of the events that took place in global history over the last 30 years reveals that material interests increasingly prevail over human values. Mankind has become accustomed to the dirty deeds of some people occupying high posts, who are ready to destroy millions of destinies all over the world for the sake of personal benefits and ambitions. One of the most brutal cases of fraud, carried out at the state level at the expense of all inhabitants of the planet, is the first world swindle of AIDS.

Nobody, except you, in any country of the world, will ever stand for defending the truth about AIDS as long as the popular theory continues to bring the immeasurable profit to its swindlers. The swindlers – inventors of AIDS are selling you the "HIV-infected" status for your own money. Meanwhile, for many African countries unable to afford the cost of the diagnostic tests, this status is generously provided based on symptoms of diseases common to that geographic region, even without spending the costs associated with using the test systems.

"HIV-positive" means nothing more than the presence of active vaccination against a completely harmless virus. Unlike many others, this virus is not even capable of informing about its presence by any symptoms. By being actively vaccinated, the so-called HIV-infected people are more protected from this virus than those who have not been vaccinated yet.

Since the so-called virus immunodeficiency leaves no pathology in the human body, and merely manifests in the synthesis of antibodies against it, the main aspect of the problem remains the social stigma created by stereotypes, the rooted contempt and discrimination disseminated by the two "luminaries" of medical science.

Based on the information mentioned above, no science can justify   the notion of "HIV-infected". As long as those of you, bearing the heavy burden imposed by the stigma of "HIV-infected", do not   decide to leave the shadow to reclaim rights that were unfairly taken from you, impudent fellows, speculators, swindlers and criminals will continue to discriminate you and to plunder the whole world. Huge amounts of money earned at your expense in the organized swindles are at their disposal. Together, the prostituting global mass media, crooked pharmaceutical companies, tainted state and international organizations and an entire army of unscrupulous physicians are all working against you. Now is the time to come together to give a praiseworthy rebuff to all worldwide swindlers, and to redeem the honor and dignity of tens of millions falsely oppressed, unfairly dis­criminated and entirely innocent people.

Large-scale generously funded financial support with active participation of world-renowned media has introduced and consolidated for long the all-round cleverly thought-out notion of "HIV"-AIDS in the human mind much like an imposed belief in a religion that is virtually impossible to eliminate. Despite the fact that scientific validity of our proposed theory can easily defeat the conventional view of AIDS, unequal information capabilities stipulated by media’s persistent criminal denial to address new views without financial rewards for the sake of saving the lives of millions of people prevents the destruction of false theories from reaching completion and exposing the first world swindle as it is.



P.S. Having shaken the world once, Robert Gallo can do it again, but this time in a much easier manner by simply confessing all he has done. Perhaps, just then, could he feel like an angel both when he wakes up in the morning and when he goes to sleep at night. Only then, will the name of Robert Gallo be immortalized in the history of mankind with honor.




She was born infected,
Her family gave her the flora.
While still a child, she didn’t know,
How bitterly her mother punished her
She didn’t know what will her life be like
How she would cry alone.
She didn’t guess she wouldn’t have
Someone to take her home.
She never had a faithful friend
Friendship was foreign to her.
She didn’t want to go to school
And would rather stay at home.
People scorned her for reasons
No place would give her rest.
Some drove her out when she approached
Others blocked her way.
But no one stopped to think:
This child just wants to live!
Instead they stole her hope,
They cried her way,
"AIDS is a plague!"
They blamed her hard
They wouldn’t cease
"You are a stranger, go away!"
The child is lonely in her grief
She is alone and helpless.
I ask you, people, wake yourself
You need to realize
AIDS is a calamity
AIDS picks its victims randomly…
    (Translation from Ukrainian)