Complete Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease


Blood supply is essential for every organ’s functioning. The heart, as the most sensitive and the most active organ of the human body is not an exclusion of the rule.

The heart is supplied with blood via two – right and left – coronary arteries. Both arteries originate from the ascending aorta and with their branches, completely cover the heart.

These arteries are called coronary because they cover the heart like a crown, which can be seen on images showing the vessels of the heart.

The Human Heart
The Human Heart

Disruption of the relationship between the blood supply to any organ tissue and its functioning can be disrupted for three reasons:

1.Increase in the volume of an organ’s tissue at fixed blood supply;

2.Reduction of blood supply to the organ’s tissue due to constriction of its blood vessels at fixed volume;

3.Both options occurring concurrently i.e., increase in the volume of an organ’s tissue and simultaneous reduction of its blood supply.

This is the main mechanism that triggers a deficiency of blood supply to the heart. In most cases, the cause of an enlargement of heart muscle bulk is strain on the heart (hypertrophy) that occurs mainly due to hypertension.

With age, coronary vessels clog up due to the pathocomplex process. This is the reason why an inconsistency between heart’s volume and its blood circulation arises and aggravates with time. Consequently, heart’s muscles can’t get adequate blood supply.

There is a variety of opinions on the causes of ischemic (coronary) heart disease. Like many other incurable diseases by notions of conventional medicine, coronary heart disease has not been an exception. According to the most naïve theory ever put forward in this field, excessive intake of salt, sugar, meat and fats causes constriction and blockage of the coronary vessels! Others believe that this disease is genetic, i.e. transferred via a hereditary factor. Still others attribute this disease to human inactivity (hypodymany).

Currently, theory that cholesterol and triglycerides play a role in the development of cardiovascular pathologies, particularly for coronary heart disease and arrhythmia holds the leading place among all of the theories proposed.

Our humanity and the medical world, in particular, suddenly confronted the cardiovascular pathologies accompanied by heart attacks and strokes beginning from the 1930s. Doctors have begun an intensive search for ways out of this situation.

Human Coronary Vessels
Human Coronary Vessels

In the 50s, the development of medical technology has made it possible to conduct laboratory tests to identify certain factors of the human blood. These very tests indicated an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood of people suffering from cardiovascular pathologies. As required at the time, with primitive thinking, the scientists have hastily deduced a conclusion about the role of identified substances in the occurrence of human cardiovascular pathologies as well as in the resulting heart attacks and strokes.

The given theory emerged about 50 years ago, while the drugs against cholesterol and triglycerides – about 30 years ago. According to the rules of logic and science, having eliminated the source of the disease, the disease itself should disappear forever. Nevertheless, nowhere in the world can anyone show a single cardiovascular patient who had recovered from this disease by taking drugs against cholesterol and triglycerides. Whereas based on the proposed theory, we had to expect a complete elimination of this problem in the human society. What we are witnessing is quite the opposite: these problems have not disappeared, but on the contrary, are confidently striding forward and observed in younger and younger ages. If in 1930s, only residents of a limited part of Europe were suffering from the cardiovascular problems; today, there is not a single country on Earth where 30–40 % of its total population and 80% of its middle aged population is not suffering from a disease of the cardiovascular system.

This theory has long been rejected in scientific communities while the preservation and maintenance of this theory continues exclusively for a commercial purpose.

Coronary heart diseases have one source: the pathocomplex process.

By eliminating the pathocomplex process, it is possible to completely cure the coronary heart disease in an individual, as it was proved by us in practice for thousands of patients.